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Billionaire owners Clubs owned by the American Tigers, as well as Guardiola's smooth, Flexible Full of technical skills; They tried to copy the tactical Barcelona team. The problem is, this is something that comes from bone marrow. ရိုးရာ၊ There is also tradition and art. Even if the big sugar dads love their team so much, Even spending a lot of money on their team is not always possible. In the end, you just have to go your own way. In the 2010-11 season, it was not easy for Barcelona to rebuild their own team, let alone other teams. This is not something that can be built with just a dozen great players. It is impossible to predict whether we will ever see such a Barcelona team again. Guru Arizona has resigned as technical director of Real Madrid for the first time. What he said was clear. This is not a project. "When the best players in the world came in and sold McCallie, he left because he could not work for such a team. Pride is rare today. In fact, Figo. Zidane Ronaldo (Finomino) Real's creative duties are fulfilled. The problem is that defensive responsiveness is extremely weak. The team finally succeeded. With Zinedine Zidane's magic shot, they beat Leverkusen to win the Champions League. When it comes to the second galaxy, Arizona is considered to be Reactive Football. The team is coached by Jose Mourinho. It's a time when's Real Madrid and Messi, along with eight other La Masia players, have been linked with a move for Guardiola's Barcelona. It was just as Mourinho had just arrived in Spain after winning the Champions League. It was the second time Barcelona had met Barcelona in Spain after beating Inter Milan. In the first round, they lost 2-0 at home. It will also be a match for Mourinho, who is undisputed number one in Europe. His team includes Golden Ball winner Ronaldo; Benzema Ozel We have players like Di Maria. Mourinho replaces Ronaldo and Di Maria This Maria is on the left wing. Ronaldo is a right winger who used to play for United. Mourinho's Ronaldo has struggled in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final and has been linked with a move away from the club. In many other games after this match, Ronaldo returned to the right place and scored a lot of goals for Barcelona. However, in this match, only Ronaldo, who was disappointed under the influence of Masterful Messi, was seen. Ronaldo confronted Maxwell, who was less aggressive, and Abidal, who clung to him. Mourinho's move also destroys Real Madrid's best form. Ozil - Ronaldo Link-up play was one of the highlights of La Liga in the 2010-11 season. But in this match, this pattern broke and nothing could be done. Instead of attacking Ozil, I had to follow Xavi. In terms of defense, Ozil was a normal player and Xavi was able to play better than the usual Xavi. Mourinho's Circle defense, which was used to control Messi at Inter Milan, will never be used again after this match. Mourinho realized the situation and fired Ozil at the start of the second half. I put in a handkerchief and tried to control the situation. But it is too late. Barcelona are already leading 2-0. The game is back. But Real Madrid's Mentally has collapsed beyond repair. Barcelona turn Real Madrid off It's a breathtaking experience for Barcelona fans to see the leaks. Real Madrid fans Mourinho: "Stop the opposition. Able to devise good prevention strategies. This has been proven many times. There have been many successes, but this time Mourinho's Reactive did not work. Guardiola's Proactive set the stage. I always want to hold the ball. The legendary North Barcelona team, which wanted to have complete control of the midfield, succeeded and did whatever it took. Messi Xavi and Villa were all exceptional. However, the Spanish media have reported that Barcelona's victory was not limited to these players. Not just because of Guardiola. In 1971, the football legacy of Dutch legend Reynolds Michelle was hailed as a triumph. His Total Football brought him to Barcelona with his player Johan Cruyff. It became the principle of Barcelona. The Ajax and Barcelona football models are almost identical and were said to have been completely ruined by the arrival of Guardiola. The basic shape is 4-3-3. Guardiola continued to build on Ricket's team, but with a slight modification, Messi was reduced to a right-wing position and used in the False 9 style of attack. Pedro and Villa were used on both wings, and they became more attacking than usual. They stormed inside and attacked Mourinho's two CBs. Messi worked with the two of them and got a lot of space. Another thing is that when Pedro-Villa came in and headed for the CBs, Real Madrid fullbacks came in. They can no longer do their normal work. These places have become Barcelona fullbacks. There is a Dutch tradition in football. The defense only plays the high offside line. Similar to the traditional Italian Katanacho in this section. However, the Italians pulled the front line backwards and kept the distance between the striker and the CB only 25 meters. So it's annoying for competitors. The Netherlands have raised their defenses. The first line of attack has also been raised. Some of them were returned. If they ride, their opponents will be killed. "Guardiola has improved a little bit. He has raised the bar. The offensive line is not as high as in the Netherlands. When the ball ends, he gathers as fast as he can to block the space. Go to the Squeeze mode. To do this is a combination of technical ability and work rate. Some teams play well. Weak technical skills Some teams are technically proficient. The rate of labor is reduced. That's why Barcelona's Tiki-Taka is so hard to copy. As I said, even Barcelona can not play so well. Pressing an opponent in the blink of an eye is not an easy task. If Barcelona were to hold the ball, When the ball breaks, it becomes like a killer. They hunted together like a herdsman. Competitors I often saw scenes of protests not only against the opposing team but also the referee. At that time, it was a heartbreaking experience for Barcelona fans. For those who do not like it, it is really hateful. But everyone who catches up with him knows that it's good enough. Manchester City are playing now. It's nothing Bayern are playing for yet. When I think back to why it was so successful, the main thing is that so many academics came out. This is because people who have been living under the same system for many years work together for many years. A talented coach like Guardiola worked to bring this together. The quality of football like Messi. There are people who say that skills only appear once in a lifetime. Age: Experience is the most balanced time. The combination of psychological support to hunt down the most bitter opponent Real Madrid History It was the most memorable match in the history of football.