In May 2021, Thomas Tuhel and Chelsea won the Champions League



In May 2021, Thomas Tuhel and Chelsea won the Champions League, the highest trophy in European club history. In just four months after taking charge of Chelsea, Tuhall achieved this achievement. Another commendable performance was the return of Chelsea to a fourth-place place to secure a place in the Champions League. Psychologically, being in the quarter-finals has eased the pressure on Chelsea during the Champions League final and given them more focus on the game. Chelsea Liverpool Everton Atletico real Madrid, We beat teams like Manchester City. We were able to get clean sheets in matches against these teams. He did so much that Chelsea fans almost forgot about their beloved club legend Lampard. The first words about Chelsea coaching life are short and concise. The interviewer said, "Why did you choose Chelsea? Why Chelsea?" "Why not?" Tuhel said. That "Tuhel's a great, brilliant, really good coach," said Clapp. "He is one of the best coaches in the world. He has admirable qualities," said Guardiola. These are where he is in the world of football. They are the best evidence of how high you are. Not to mention Thomas Tuhall, Clapp's Chrisma Guardiola's Intellectual aura, Simoni Red's raw energy. But I studied them all. He has all of these things fulfilled, even if they are not the only ones to be commended. That's how he got to the top layer of the Coaching Pyramid. What brought him to this level and made him one of the best coaches in the world? To understand Thomas Tuhel better, we must go back to 2009. Michael Jackson has just died. Barack Obama becomes President of the United States Yes, We Can Then a future star coach emerged in the Bundesliga. Tuhel was 35 at the time. No experience The Moyes have hired an inexperienced coach like Tuhel in the past to become a world-class coach. Clap Tuhel began his coaching career at Moyes following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather Yagan Klopp. Tuhel's career began as a second-class player and began his coaching career inexperienced. So I learned a lot. "We have known each other for many years and we have a similar history. Like me, he started his career as a coach," said Clapp. In fact, while everyone sees Tuhel as an inexperienced new coach, he believes he will one day become one of the most prominent coaches in the game. "I have heard that Guardiola does not give individual interviews to anyone. It's interesting that the coach of one of the most solemn teams in the world does not give individual interviews. He is a very special coach," he said. Earlier in his coaching career, Tuhel admitted that he had learned from his admirer, Guardiola. Tuhel's football career ended at the age of 25, and he has been studying business ever since. Then I worked in a bar. After that, I started coaching youth football teams. Then he started at Mainz. "The first match will start on Saturday. The first training session will start on Tuesday. The situation of the team is bad. But Tuhel was the best leader in the team. Mainz finished ninth, which was the club's best end of the season. In the second season, Moyes improved and qualified for the Europa League. Instead of fighting in the relegation zone, Tuhel was able to build a team that could compete with the top teams. Exercise programs are key to Tuhel's success. He abandoned the old ways. He rebelled. For example, because his players are accustomed to playing high ball, he completely cut off four corner kicks. These zones are designated as no-play areas. "We trained in a completely cramped zone. We kept the space as narrow as possible. The pitch was no longer square. It was just a diamond shape and a circle. The pitch was 18 meters wide and 75 meters long. There was a goal on that side. I was asked to come up with a solution. As a result, his players become more independent in the actual game. It will be very difficult for the players, but he pushes them to do it. Practice makes perfect. Another important aspect of Tuhel's strategy is to be able to counteract individual competitors. Clap Gegenpressing; Guardiola is best known for his Tiki-Taka. Tuhel focused on Counteract. A tactical innovation has emerged that anticipates every move of a rival team and strikes back. That's why the Mice have never used a pitch as a bench. Players do not usually use the same. I have had success. But it was also one of Tu ale's main problems. I train in a tight space. Playing means getting his players to work in tight spaces, but on the other hand, it is as easy to play on the training ground as in defense. It got harder in the stadium. This means that it is easy for defenders to play close to their opponents in training. There is a problem when the distance between the opponents in the match is too big. As a result, Mainz's defense is sometimes in trouble. So Tuhall later abandoned him. Tuhall prioritizes personality. He is also a perfectionist. A former member of his church called Tuhel a dictator. "You're not playing my game. You are just walking around with your mind. There is nothing for you to do, lie down here, lie down here, lie here, and do whatever you want with your mind." That's why former Moyes player Hans Muller accused him of "being 100% offensive in the way he treated me. He was an authoritarian." Clap would never have heard one of his players say that. He is always working together as a team. He works hard and patiently manages the whole team. Tuhel and Clapp have completely different personalities, and that is why Tuhel always said that they were different every time he was referred to Clap. But I started my coaching career at Mainz. And the fact that he arrived in Dortmund never missed out on being compared to Clap. He did not like to be told that, but he followed Clap Street. When Clap left Dortmund in 2015, he became the club's replacement. "I have one thing to say, I have the greatest respect for him and I really want to commend him. He has done a lot with Dortmund in his seven years," he told a news conference. Tuhel's tried his best to break free from Clapp's jubilee. I tried twice as hard because I could not do what Clapp did. In his first Dortmund training program, he designed his own design without the help of an assistant coach. And then we set the exact distance from the centimeter distance. He kept pushing the whole team. I asked. It works. Tuhel became the highest-scoring manager in Dortmund history. During his two years with Dortmund, he did not win the Bundesliga. However, they are the highest scoring team in the history of the runners-up in the Bundesliga. He also reached the final of the German Cup for two years, winning one year. In fact, he was unlucky. He finished second to Guardiola against Bayern Munich, who set a number of record-breaking points. I was able to get points. However, he has reached a point where he can compete with a coach he admires. After the two of them met, they ate dinner together. "If we had dinner together, it would have been worth hearing from Guardiola about football and philosophy," Tuhel said. "Everyone knows Guardiola is my role model. I really like the way I argue with Guardiola on the sidelines and it makes me better," he said.