Manchester United - Manchester City Thoughts



This season, United have made top-flight reinforcements. Even if he comes alone, it will be really beneficial for the team. These are the three players who can be said to be the players who will improve. Ronaldo Varan Sweet rice But it felt like a team game. Shape You can not even create a pattern. Weak unity of a football team is essential. The style of a good team is disappearing. Identity is also missing. I see this. Manchester City have called up Greenwich. Frankly, Gretchen is not the kind of player who can pull City off. This level of performance means you have to be significantly better than the other players on the team. With Manchester City's existing class, Greenwich is expensive at the moment. He is not better than the players he already has on the team. Giving Stalin less space and giving more space to Greelish does not make a better team. With Hurricanes, the prospect of a move that could benefit the club, as it did with Reuben Diaz, would have been stronger. "There is no such thing as a good striker in the back of the net. Greelish, on the other hand, seems to have nothing to speak about but preparation for the future. So, Manchester City's performance this season has not increased significantly and is lower than last year. Key passes dropped in the final third zone. The number of opportunities created is declining. Average possession decreases. The average goal rate per game has dropped. There is no denying it. But in terms of points, Manchester City's attacking style this season is the best after Liverpool. With an average of 11 goals per game and an average of 2 goals per game, it is still quite strong. Interestingly, the question of whether the Manchester City defense, led by Portuguese team-mate Rubin Diaz, can control the attack led by two Portuguese players, Bruno and Ronaldo. Before thinking about this problem, I would like to say a few things. Manchester City will definitely have the upper hand in terms of possession. If Manchester City had more possession of the ball, they would have less contact with United's attack and defense. That, too, is certain. However, Seoul have not lost to Guardiola in their last four Premier League games without conceding a single Possession. The main weapon for this was United's counter attack. Seoul's wing warriors are Rashford, Manchester City have always been plagued by individual mixing of Pace and Marcelo by players such as Daniel James. In the last Premier League game, Guardiola was very careful and even built a midfield with a double pivot. It is rare for Guardiola to have two defenders in midfield. But this season, United have relied heavily on Ronaldo's goals and, on the other hand, have not been able to do well against counter-attacks. There will be injuries throughout the early stages of Rashford season. To be sure, this section is not very strong and the team is playing as usual. Play as you please. Bruno It looks like Ronaldo and I have to do something. If this is the case then maybe this is the case with Manchester City. We can say that we are not afraid to add anything to United's attack. နေ မာ၊ "Everyone saw how Manchester City played in the PSG attack. "Manchester City are worried about a team that can react to their attack and threaten them with counter-attacks. The team with Ronaldo It's not a team with Neymar. So it's important for Seoul to have a strong counter-attack and to have more Rashford space as an individual. That is the only way to take advantage of Ronaldo. Varane is not in United's defense. There is nothing in the middle of the field. Names of players Yellow It's really hurt. It is definitely weakened. However, Varane was not involved in bringing good results to Guardiola from Seoul. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that they can be stronger if they can play, but if they can build up their form even if they are not strong, they can still expect good results. Similarly, Manchester City can not be included in the defense. Although I like Laporte individually, the Stones-Diaz series has repeatedly proven that there is no problem without Laporte. That's why Laporte can't play is not the main problem for this match. Injury issues are not the reason for the outcome of this match. De Bruyne is out of form in Manchester City midfield. But at big events, everyone knows what Brian can do. It can even become a turning point to regain its true form. And it is true that Stalin has seen a significant drop in goalscoring for Manchester City. But using Stalin in this game would be more of a threat to United's defense than Greelys. ကန် ဆယ် လို၊ ဖို ဒန်၊ Bernardo Silva is one of Manchester City's best players this season and there is nothing to talk about. Marez, who is even more feared when he comes on as a substitute with the unpredictable Jesse, is also a threat to United's defense. At United, Bruno Fernandez is a must-watch player. In attack, it would be best to pair Rashford-Ronaldo-Greenwood. Behind them are Bruno, It's interesting to see Tom Mane and Fred together in Double Pivot. The thing to think about is resistance. It does not include Varanasi. Lindelof also has an injury problem. It remains to be seen if it will become a Bye-McGuin-Luke Shaw. During the Seoul era, Luke Shaw was used as a left-back (LCB) player for only eight games. The number is very small. However, the quality of these eight matches is high. I mean, it was used when the rival teams were big. Barcelona Twice against Manchester City; Liverpool There were teams like Chelsea. So it remains to be seen whether Shaw will be seen as an LCB, not as a LWB. The main challenge is how well Tommane-Fred can work to counter Fluid Manchester City. If it collapses at this point, there is nothing left for United to think about. Journalists say the game is important for Sosa and the players are working hard for him. (The result is bad, in part, not deliberately dirty to boil) Most fans no longer want Sausage, but with the support of his group of friends, some in England are still there. Severe, still under pressure. We will have to wait and see what prepares us to face Guardiola this time around