Strikerless Systemless VS Striker



Others do not know. For me, the Manchester derby was a match between System-less striker and Striker-less system. Even the best of the world struggles in battles without any system. It was a game that showed that you can score goals without a real striker if you play properly. Can a football team play without a real striker? Yes. Would it be better not to have a real striker? But if you look at the game against Manchester City, there are three players in the attacking line. Foden: Bernardo Silva and Jesse; Of the three, the most striking striker is Jesse. However, Guardiola had Jesse play on the right wing and Bernardo Silva on False 9. If you look back at Guardiola's tradition, you can see that with the strikers. If you want to use False 9 without a real striker, you have to have the most reliable players. He started using Messi here in Barcelona. When he arrived at Bayern Munich, Mancunian, who had been a key figure for the club before his arrival, had less playing time and replaced Thomas Muller with False 9 on the wing. Later, when Lewandowski arrived, Thomas Muller became a raumdeuter. This is the name that Mula himself used. But the role is where Guardiola started. When he came to Manchester City, he used a lot of people as Flase 9. I used to use Stalin. I have used this Brina. I also use foden. I also use Bernardo Silva. When Bernardo Silva played False 9 against United, he is currently Guardiola's favorite player. But in this game, Bernardo Silva is more like a space interpreter than a False 9. There is not much involved in the game. However, space and time often appear in the goal area. Guardiola has had poor results against United. Especially in leagues. Who has more ball in those matches? Whose team is better can be as easy to answer as Manchester City. But which team is more effective is United, who can play counter-attack well. This is a unique re-use of the Guardiola space space interpreter. The nickname is False 9. There is no denying that Manchester City are attacking Fire Power. And Guardiola doesn't like Aguero anymore. Aguero has made just seven appearances in all competitions last season. First of all, I want a hurricane. But when it was too difficult to negotiate with Levi, Manchester City gave up. I think the audience will notice that the sound is quiet for a while. At that time, Sheikh Mansour and Guardiola talk. Mansour asked if he could call Hurricane if he had to pay this price. Guardiola explained that he no longer wanted it and that he had a plan for the long term. "If you want to call me, call me Ronaldo, who has a high salary but low transfer fee. It was Guardiola who started the pursuit of Ronaldo at Manchester City, and Bigiri Stein backed it. They have faced Ronaldo many times and they know what he can do in Barcelona. The thing to think about when it comes to signing Ronaldo is that goals and influence are very good for the team. But he is too weak to press with the Fluid striker that Guardiola wants to go to. The most notorious recruit in Guardiola's life was when Zlatan was called and it was not what he wanted. Man Utd did not look the way he wanted them to, so he posted False 9 to Mulla. But Lewandowski liked Guardiola. He wanted to bring in Ronaldo, just like he used Lewandowski at Bayern Munich. The pressing-scoring ratio is 30-70. I wanted to have Ronaldo and not worry about goals. But I do not think there is a guarantee that it will be used in every match. The way he wants to go to Guardiola is already there. The way United want Ronaldo looks more like a celebrity goalscorer than a system. The fact that Seoul wanted sweet rice means that he is now able to perform. Not shown There is a sense. His team fought back. There, space and speed are important. They try to bring to life a quick attack based on defense. It can be said that United's attacking style is almost Fluid. Except for the fact that Cabani was born for the time he needed a striker, the rest was in the absence of a real striker. Rashford left-back Marcel is left-handed. They both play switching and use Greenwood and Daniel James on the right. It's all Pacey. High individual ability to cross. On the one hand, it is a system. Soulsha delisted the system and called Ronaldo. From an unpredictable attack structure to an unpredictable attack structure. Ronaldo did his job. He also scored goals. The problem, however, is that it's failing at the bottom line. The only thing he has been able to do since he arrived at United is that he almost snatched Ronaldo from Manchester City. It was heartbreaking to see United and Manchester City on the pitch. This is not a good match. I just have to watch the bullied scene. Last year's goalless draw between United and Manchester City saw Guardiola use a rare double pivot due to poor results. In other words, a proactive manager went to Reactive depending on the situation at United. I'm scared. I do not mean to be worried, but I do have respect for United and Seoul. This year, Guardiola, who is aware of the problems between Seoul and United, needed Rodrigo alone, and once United were not able to get the ball well, it was enough to break the connection to the road to Ronaldo. He only tested his team's attack with a tactical risk. Bernardo Silva may have called it the False 9, but he only played as a space interpreter. Bernardo Silva has been linked with a move to Old Trafford this season. But if goal-scoring for a team is the most effective job, Bernardo Silva does it. The result of the match is 0-2. I scored my own goal. Bernardo Silva scored a goal. The rest is up to Manchester City.