Tu Hel History



Dortmund lost and Tuhel said after the game: "After the bombing we were pressured to make a quick decision to play this game again. How to play in this situation. Our team was treated like the ones who caused this incident." Is this Tuhel's real intention? Did you pretend? According to reports and video footage released at the time, Tuhel's wanted to keep the game going. He was also accused of telling his players, "Can I beat Bayern Munich with these guys?" The remarks sparked tensions between club officials and Tuhel. Dortmund CEO Wozniacki says the incident will have to go beyond football. "It has to do with the basic values ​​of trust, respect, social quality, authenticity, accountability and representation," he said. Everything that Clap has done in Dortmund. All that said. Everything he did was perfect. Tuhel said it was okay. But it was not enough. Tuhel arrived in PSG shortly afterwards. "Thank you to everyone who attended my press conference," Tuhel smiled as he began to greet the French media. "I am very happy to be coaching at such a big club," he said. At PSG, a different challenge awaits him. This team has a lot of world-class players. How much can you do with them? And can we win the Champions League? The players are getting stronger. The pressure is getting bigger. But Tuhel has shown that he can adapt to superstars. He has the ability to lead the stars. "I first spoke to him last year and I told Neymar he was a real winner," he told the club. To succeed in this team, you need Neymar, He knows he has to get along with players like Bape. He has won 14 consecutive Premier League games with PSG, a record in league history. In his two seasons, he won two trophies; We won the French Cup and the Champions League final. But they lost again to Bayern Munich. After the Champions League final defeat, the storm hit Paris. The relationship between him and the top players in the team has become strained. The results at the start of the season were not very encouraging. The relationship between Tuhel and the media has become increasingly tense and tense. I saw explosions at press conferences. "Tell me the name of a team that scores four or five goals in every game. It is impossible, but you are always looking for something negative. This is also a problem. Our team has no problem. We have won." In fact, club owners want more than what Tuhel is doing. They are not satisfied with just winning, as Tuhel says. Must be able to provide entertainment It's not just the media's desire to score a lot of goals, it's also the demand of Al-Khalifa. Meanwhile, I had problems with sports director Leonardo. PSG finally decided to part ways with him. Wozniacki, who has worked with Dortmund, is not surprised. "Thomas is a really difficult person to deal with. You can see that in Paris too, but he is a really high quality coach." That's how he came to Chelsea. Chelsea were once the club he last managed, and now he is the same team he used to be at Dortmund. It has become a team that uses its income and expenses wisely. Systematic High quality team It is one of the most influential teams in the world of football. However, the current situation is that it is no longer one of the strongest teams in the world. The league we play in is one of the tightest in the world, so there is a problem with success. Guardiola The situation in which we have to compete with Klopp in the same league is also very challenging. But Tuhelta is beautiful. He averaged two points per game in the most difficult league in the world. Gradually, my trust in him grew. Fans All the members of the congregation came to believe in Tuhel. Tuhel also experienced the most satisfying experience of his coaching career. This is not just a result of money; There are also images. As a result, it can be said that they have a happier life than Dortmund's opening season. He was once recognized as one of the best coaches in the world, along with coaches he had trained himself. "I know how good he is from the time we faced him in Dortmund," said Guardiola. He had an affair with Tuhel. Everyone who has ever been in a relationship knows how good he is. On the other hand, he is said to be difficult to deal with. Now he can prove his worth at Chelsea again. It shows very clearly. On the other hand, bigotry; So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Within minutes of the final victory over Manchester City, the media showed photos of him looking like he was looking forward to the future, and the media asked him what he was thinking. "I do not want to rest. I want another. I want more. I want to take the quality of the team to the next level, especially if I can maintain the quality I want and I have to keep trying. This is the personality of Thomas Tuhel. He is always smiling. It also looks light. But the inner self is always exploding. It's not a exploding and demanding character like Antonio Conte, but a never-ending mood. This habit caused him to have two different views. One is the kind of person who is difficult to deal with. The other is that one of the best coaches has endless potential.