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Georgina Rodriguez the girlfriend of Ronaldo reveals reason to delay their marriage :

Unravel casual fashion Spanish Georgina Rodriguez the girlfriend of Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, the cause of delayed their marriage until now, despite the birth of their daughter and her twins.

She said Georgina in a press conference it's linked to many future projects interesting with Ronaldo which caused the delay step of marriage even now.

He continued: "the kids are great, and Ronald cares so much about me, and me, whom I love and admiration."

The mother of Cristiano and ambitions Georgina finance :

Several press reports that the cause of delayed marriage, Ronald and George is Maria Dolores Aveiro, the mother of the star of Portugal, in the belief that models the Spanish have aspirations to financial and you want to make money "without".

Ronald Yarza Twins :

Announced Ronald and George last week we were expecting twins, where the deployment of the Portuguese star a picture of yourself with Georgina through his account on Instagram with a photo of the result of X-rays on each hand attached to it, saying: "I am inside". "I am pleased to announce that we are expecting twins. Our hearts are full of love - and we look forward to seeing you both."

She said Georgina, in an interview published in October 2020, "my desire maternity stronger than anything else", and exactly one year later, the viewer is about to achieve her dream. According to the source, the Georgina is pregnant in the twelfth week.

Cristiano Ronaldo father :

And Ronaldo, the 36-year-old four children: Cristiano Jr., born in 2010, mother unknown, twins Eva and died video, Born also in 2017, the mother of the alternate, one Martina, who gave birth to Georgina in 2017.