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Women's European Championship England The competition was started in 1984 by four teams consisting of Denmark and Italy.

The number of countries competing since the competition started 38 years ago. According to media coverage and attendance, the Champions League has improved significantly and Euro 2022 could still be the biggest event.

Tickets are selling fast and both Wembley and Old Trafford are in use for Euro 2022, breaking a new summer attendance selection option. These are record-breaking crowds hoping to get better at Euro 2022.

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10. 16,608 - Sweden Vs Germany (2013 Semi-Finals)
Caroline Seger
Germany beat Sweden in Euro 2013 semi-finals / Martin Rose / GettyImages
Sweden beat Germany in Euro 2013 with goals from Lotte Schelin to reach the last four.

Germany, who played at Gothenburg's Gamla Ullevi, won 1-0, with Dzsenifer Marozsán scoring the decisive goal in the first half to secure a place in the Europa League for the sixth consecutive season.

9. 18,000 - Germany vs Sweden (2001 Final)
The 2001 Euro final drew eight of the biggest European champions in a decade at the Donaustadion in Ulm.

In extra time, Claudia Mulla's goal gave hosts Germany a 1-0 victory over Sweden in the semi-finals of the European Championship.

8. 21,000 - West Germany Vs Norway (1989 Final)
The third Women's European Championship was held in West Germany in 1989, and West Germany sealed their first title in front of 21,000 spectators at the Stadion an der Bremer Brucke in Osnabruck.

It was a comfortable victory for the hosts, who beat Norway 4-1.

7. 21,105 - Germany vs Norway (2005 Final)
Pia Wunderlich
Germany won Euro 2005 / Alex Livesey / GettyImages.
The Euro 2005 final was held at Ewood Park, with Germany beating Norway 3-1 to win their fourth European title.

As usual in the stupid Euros. It features Inka Grings and the Birgit Prinz show. Two deadly German strikers scored one goal each as Greens branded the match's golden shoes.

6. 21,731 - Netherlands vs Norway (2017 Group Stage)
Desiree Van Lunteren; Shanice Van De Sanden
Shanice van de Sanden scored the only goal against Norway / Soccrates Images / GettyImages.
The third-highest group stage match in the history of the eight-time European Women's Championship was set at the Euro 2017 opener.

A reception for the Netherlands supporters with orange troops was welcomed at the Stadion Galgenwaard in Utrecht, Norway, with a 1-0 second-half goal from Shanice van de Sanden marking the start of Euro 2017.

5. 25,694 - England vs Sweden (2005 Group Stage)
Amanda Barr
England exit Euro 2005 group stage / Laurence Griffiths / GettyImages
With more than 25,000 people attending the final group game in Sweden and Ewood Park, the home crowd cheered for England at Euro 2005.

Following the 1-0 defeat, it would be the final match of the tournament in which the Lionel Messi's decisive goal was scored within three minutes of the group stage.

4. 27,093 - Netherlands vs England (2017 Semi-Final)
UEFA WEURO 2017 "Women - Netherlands and England"
Netherlands beat England in Euro 2017 semi-finals / VI-Images / GettyImages
Hosts Netherlands have booked their first place in the Women's Euro Finals, the highest number of appearances in a single match from the Netherlands.

At the De Grolsch Veste in Enschede, the Netherlands won 3-0 in front of an orange sea.

3. 28,182 - Netherlands vs Denmark (2017 Final)
UEFA WEURO 2017 "Women - Netherlands and Denmark"
Netherlands beat Denmark to win European Championship title / VI-Images / GettyImages
The Netherlands beat Denmark 4-2 to return to the semi-finals to finish their memorable Euro 2017 campaign.

The goal was scored in the space of six minutes, but the home side were tense and the competition was fierce and the competition was fierce in front of a fierce home crowd as the Netherlands won the European Championship title.

2. 29,092 - England vs Finland (2005 Group Stage)
Karen Carney
Karen Carney scored England's 3-2 win over Finland.
The highest-ranked group in the history of the European Women's Championship has arrived at Manchester City Stadium (as it was known at the time) for England's Euro 2005 opener.

England took a two-goal lead in full-time, with teenager Karen Carney scoring the winner in the 91st minute.

1. 41,301 - Germany vs Norway (2013 Final)
Anja Mittag
Anjamit Tag scored the decisive goal in the Euro 2013 final / Martin Rose / GettyImages
At Euro 2013, Germany and Norway attracted a record number of women at the Euro, with 41,301 in attendance at the Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Germany won the European Championship for the sixth time with a goal from Anjar Mitch Tech, 1-0.