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SAN FRANCISCO - Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, who took part in the club's clash on Thursday, is optimistic that the return of his left ankle will set another milestone in Game 1 of his first-round Playoff series. Saturday at Denver Nuggets.

Curry, who has been sidelined since March 16 due to injury, will be re-examined on Friday before a final decision is made on his condition.

Following Thursday's clashes and aftermath, Curry said his leg was still uncomfortable but he did not need to play 100%.

"It's clear to you to play, then there is no time to really worry about it," he said. "Will you help your team win? Will you make an impact? If I feel the answer is yes, I will play."

He is not afraid that his legs will get worse by playing, but nothing lasts as the team tries to manage Curry.

Curry played three six-minute matches on Thursday, a sign that Warriors boss Steve Kerr has received a lot of encouragement.

"A lot of guys, after a month or so, there will be a robbery and in two minutes the wind will blow," Kerr said. "Steph is so big, he has an incredible foundation for the cold and he can keep his air even when she's not around.

"It's cool. You have to be more careful with the times. You have to get rid of the spider webs every time you are not there. Take it only once a day and see what happens."

The speed of the dish is fast. For the first two and a half weeks after the injury, he took off his shoes and could not do any work on his feet. From there, I pushed 75 percent in each exercise. After working alone for a week, Curry received a team training session before the attack on Thursday.

"You take off your shoes, get back on the floor, you have to be careful how much you press on it. The healing process is at the forefront, and you are ready to play," he said.

Even though he was cold, When Curry returns, he will be within the allotted minutes. The decisions will be made on Friday, including the question of whether he will start or get off the bench.

Curry is worried and will start if he is given the green light to play on Saturday. Minute restrictions; Curry is not sure how many minutes will be available for the fourth quarter and later in the game.

"I'm not worried it will become a restriction on how I approach the game," Curry said. "I hope to be a little nervous to see how I feel there."

"I understand that everything is back and I am ready to play positively about the return and understanding. I hope to be on Saturday. We will try to get the best version that is a little off. "It's time ... I'm confident I can get out there and help our team win."