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Massimiliano Allegri has been linked with a move to Serie A champions Milan. He called on Juventus to improve their mental health and medical outcomes, admitting they could not compete with Inter Milan and Napoli.

Juventus dominated the derby against Inter Milan for some time, but Hakan Calhanoglu's penalty later ended the Bianconeri's hopes with Scudetto.

Allegri's side lost 1-0 to Villarreal in the Champions League last 16, beating Fiorentina 1-0 in the first leg of their Coppa Italia semi-final.

Allegri called on Juventus on Saturday during a visit to Cagliari, who have lost 10 of their last 11 league games against Juventus.

"There is only one possible reaction. Play good games. Tomorrow will be very different from the game against Inter Milan," Allegri told reporters at a pre-match press conference on Friday.

"Winning in Cagliari has never been easy. You need to know and prepare for your competitors and their moments. You have to win the games. That's what you have to think about.

"Our goal is to finish in the top four. At the moment we are, but Roma (five points away) are close, so tomorrow we need good performances and we need to adapt to the game safely.

"We played our best games at home to Atlanta, Villarreal and Inter Milan, but it was not practical enough. We need to do better in this situation.

"In one or two games we can understand the mistakes, but three is an important number and that is why we need to improve.

"I have analyzed what I saw against Inter Milan and I'm always thinking about what the team is doing. We deserve a fourth. We need to improve and we can improve before the end of the season.

"Except for the semi-final between Fiorentina and the Coppa Italia, we have to play one game a week because we can develop individual players and have more time.

"I do not like praise. Otherwise, I'm a team that is satisfied with praise. I look for excuses. I do not want to be praised, I want to win."

Paulo Dybala is set to leave Turin at the end of his contract at the end of the season, but the Argentina international has been linked with a move away from the club.

Allegri is expected to be able to defend his striker Cagliari in defense, with Di Bale scoring six of his eight goals in the league this season.

"We have time to work in a week, but at the same time we have goals," he added.

"Every player on the team has to help his future get to the top four. We have five or six players whose contracts expire. For now, we have to focus on the pitch and work to get results.

"I think Juventus have created a lot in the last three or four months. We didn't score a lot of goals, so we have to be more capable at the front.

"If we beat Inter Milan we would have had a few chances (to win the trophy), but now we need to focus on our goal. We deserve to be fourth and we need to be 10th when we get to the 10th. The rest is not taken into account."