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Transfer fees are rising rapidly and some of the quoted prices for players have reached astronomical levels.

Bale joined Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur for the first time since
his first သန်း 100 million move in 2013, but many more have been
unsuccessful, most of them without success.

Even if a player does
well, he or she will struggle to justify huge costs, and such pressures
can have a negative impact on performance.

Only eight clubs have
spent 100 100 million or more on a player, and some have spent so much
that they can create a huge black hole in a club bank account.

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We have compiled a list of 12 players who have gone for such a hefty fee and we have assessed how much they are worth.

Gareth Bale
Welsh winger was one of the Premier League's best players in his final
season at Tottenham Hotspur and is set to leave the club in order to
score with dignity.

He joined Real Madrid in 2013 for a
world-record fee of around သန်း 100 million, and his first few seasons
at the club were a spectacular one.

Bale, who has scored four
goals in two finals and won the Champions League, has scored more than
100 goals and created 60 assists in nine years for the club.

injury problems, Due to the clash with the Spanish media and poor form,
Bale has endured a bad relationship with Real Madrid fans, raising
questions about his commitment to the club.

Bale is set to leave
the club this summer, and although he is remembered more admirably under
the line, This complex split has resulted in a few amazing seasons for
both club and player. His transfer fee is more than fair.

Cristiano Ronaldo
broke the world record when he moved from Manchester United to Real
Madrid in 2009, and after nine years of amazing success at Bernabeu, it
was time for a new adventure.

Juventus paid 100 100 million to
lure Real Madrid apart in 2018 with their talents and were bought for
the sake of the Champions League, but he and the club did not succeed in
this regard.

Ronaldo made 101 appearances and scored 101 goals,
but failed to reach the quarter-finals of his three seasons at Juventus
and was short-lived in Europe.

Inter Milan have won nine
consecutive dominance at home, ending in 2021, with Ronaldo later
returning to Manchester United for around သန်း 20million.

He made a lot of money and scored a lot of goals, but in the end the transfer did not go unnoticed by Juventus.

Eden Hazard
One of the worst transfers on this list is no doubt.

Madrid have paid around သန်း 100 million for Hazaek's services, which
they know will be available for free a year later, but the premium is
not worth it.

The Belgian winger, who spent most of his first
season on the sidelines with a hamstring injury, has scored just once in
22 appearances and is slowly getting worse.

The 31-year-old is
set to return to the Premier League and his future at Bernabeu is bleak.
Due to his ongoing injuries, most Belgians do not remember the best
players in the world at Chelsea.

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba has
returned to Manchester United in 2016 for a world-record transfer fee of
သန်း 105 million, and has been insane for the second time in his

The French midfielder has many loyal fans, but many of
his most loyal supporters at Old Trafford have recently been left out of
recent games against 29-year-old Norwich.

Pogba is one of the
most talented players in the Premier League and has won the World Cup,
but his inconsistent performances mean that United will not miss him
with the loss of five years of trophies.

He is set to leave the
club in the second half on a free transfer, with United investing
heavily in reclaiming the League Cup and Europa League from his first

Pogba has hinted at his ingenuity, but in general the
wages or inflation surrounding him in the Juventus recruit are not fair.
Still In the not-too-distant future, he shines at a better running club