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Clint Capela, who is out with a double-digit deficit under the weight of a rough road environment and is out with a knee injury, entered the Atlanta Hawks halfway through Friday's game with serious uncertainty.

At the time, Hawks manager Nate McMillan was urging his players to "believe", but McMillan was confident McMillan would help his side through last season's success - reaching last season's Eastern Conference final - the tough Cleveland Cavaliers.

"The team was built for that moment," McMillan said.

However McMillan knew that Hawks's All-Star point guard Trae Young was specially built for such moments. At the beginning of the second half, Young scored 38 points, including 32 points. 107-101 To help you win.

After Young's big night, The Hawks are from the Miami Heat; The first leg of the playoff series, which kicks off Sunday in Miami, will face the Miami Heat, the Eastern Conference's top team.

"Trae is confident in his game and his ability and he continues to believe in it," McMillan said. "There was nothing scary in his game. The second half had to start again. Those shots started to fall, and the second half fell with the same shots as the first half."

Young fired 4-of-11 from a 3-point range and attempted several back-and-forth shots to help the Hawks take the lead. He added nine great contributions.

"At the beginning of the game they were reading, making buttons, and trying to get my teammates involved," Young said. "I missed some shots, but I needed to be aggressive. That's what I did in the second half."

The Hawks took the lead in the late third quarter with three points from a young age, scoring 16 goals in the third and fourth quarters, a record in the second half. His heroes beat the team by 14 points to win the second half.

"He created the shots from the dance circle," said Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff said.

Young helped the Hawks with 43 points in the second half, or 43 more than the Cavaliers in the second half, 40, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

"We only cared about the economy," Young said. "The team we won tonight deservedly got away from home, but this year was very difficult. They did not succeed. It is a testament to our team's continued struggle."

The Cavaliers were 38 points clear of second-placed Lauri Markkanen in the first half with 38 points, and 17 points at the end of the first half to move 8 points from 3 points. Markkanen led the Cavaliers with 26 points, while Darius Garland added 21 points for a potential young talent.

"This is the most fun thing I've ever had in the NBA," Bickerstaff said after the match. "These are the most special guys I've ever hang out with. I have never been around a guy who cared so much for each other and cared more about the group. It worked out better for the team all year round. The breakup was special, thank you."

Jarrett Allen of the Cavaliers All-Star Center has returned to the starting line-up after missing 19 games with a broken left finger. Allen has not played since March 6 but finished with 11 points and 3 points.

Cavaliers center Evan Mobley touched Capela's knee and the Hawks lost to Capela in the first half. Capela was later assisted in court with a hyperextended right knee called the Hawks. Its availability as opposed to Heat is not yet clear, and McMillan claims he has no updates.

"I think everyone was a little more supportive when he left," said Young, who eased the second half.

Regarding the confrontation with Miami, Young said, "I mean, especially since all the cylinders here have been pressed, so we know they're ready to bring it in because they have a little bit more than the rest.