Liverpool vs Manchester United - 1:30 AM

Wayne Rooney has confirmed his relegation from the Champions League on Monday, but has insisted he wants to stay in Derby County in the League One.

The Rams will play for the first time since the 1985-86 season after losing 1-0 to Queens Park Rangers on Loftus Road.

Reading bounced back 4-1, drawing 4-4 ​​with Swansea City, and Derby were relegated three games in a row after a season-long crisis.

This season, the derby team has a total of 21-12 points, 12 points for entering the administration in September and nine for violating the Football Association's financial rules - under former owner Mel Morris - with promising results on the pitch but not overcoming that significant obstacle.

Former Manchester United and England captain Rooney has been linked with a move away from Old Trafford, where he has been linked with a move away from Old Trafford.

"Congratulations," Rooney told Sky Sports. "It's a strange feeling because everything we went through as a team, the staff on the pitch, the fans, the development of the team is really positive.

"Yes, We have gone down the line. But no team has ever been relegated and their fans have reacted. I think that is unbelievable. Fans cheered on the boys throughout the season.

"Yes, I'm disappointed, I'm sad, I'm sorry, but I'm proud. In some ways, we can now draw a line under everything that has happened and try to really start the rebirth of the club and move on.

"We need to take over to make it happen. It needs to happen fast. The faster they go, the faster we can bring in players who can rebuild the team."

Owner Chris Kirchner is reportedly close to finalizing a contract with Pride Park and has hinted that Rooney would be able to lead the Rams back into the second tier if he takes over.

"There will be a seizure. Otherwise I'm afraid of the club, I'm afraid of where the club will be," he added. "The future of the club is in doubt and if not, my future will be in doubt.

"Then I want to rebuild the club. What does it mean for the fans? It's a great club, a special club, and I want to be someone who tries to bring back happy days."

Derby will have to sit at the bottom of the table with 52 points if not for their points cut, and Rooney has said his players regretted being penalized for away games.

"We have 52 points and I feel for the players and now we can be safe under normal circumstances." "We have paid the price left by the former owner," he said.

"No one is wrong. It's not for me, not for the staff, not for the players." This is not the fault of anyone except the previous owner