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Chelsea may be at their best at Cobham Academy, but there are few first-team success stories from the classic academy. But Tammy Abraham is ready to be the protagonist of this kind of story for Chelsea. He joined the club at the age of eight, advanced to the level of youth football and was impressed at every step. After that, Like all Cobham graduates, Abraham joined Chelsea on loan and scored 20 goals in two seasons in the EFL Champions League. In 2019, With the transfer ban at Chelsea looming, the club have been linked with a move for the striker under Frank Lampard.

It did not end. In the 2019-20 season, he scored an impressive 0.6 goals in the league, but following the transfer ban from Chelsea, the club brought in Timor-Leste and Kai Harvez, who have been linked with a move away from the club. For big money. As a result, Abraham's playing time was significantly reduced, with only 45.5% of the total minutes available in all competitions in the first half of the 2020-21 season. Lampard was then replaced by Thomas Tuchel. Abraham ended the season with only 30% of available minutes due to connection issues.

In August 2021, Tuchel said: "It is clear he has not been happy for the last year and a half, and he has a reason not to be happy.

For Chelsea's Champions League final, Abraham could not even have 12 players on the bench. Chelsea did not seem to return to being Chelsea's top choice when they broke their club-record transfer fee to bring back Romelu Lukaku back.

A transfer almost 10 months after the Champions League final. But for a new audience, Abraham is very different.

Winning important local derbies; In the middle of the match, pushing the crowd. Singing club songs with the audience; In his debut season, he surpassed the club legend and became a fan favorite after Roma moved to Roma on a free transfer. It is estimated that ရှိတယ်လို့ 34 million. He has scored 15 goals (13 non-penalties) so far in Serie A, the third-highest total in the league.

Given Abraham's momentum, it's a bit of a surprise considering how he has recently become the third or fourth-choice striker for Chelsea. Let us delve deeper into what is behind the growing season so far.

He was able to score a goal.
First of all, Abraham has always been a goal-scorer. With the exception of the loan season at Swansea City, which struggled in 2017-18, he scored a non-penalty goal every 90 minutes in every 90 seasons. Roma have so far scored 15 league goals so far, so it should come as no surprise that they did not score a penalty for Chelsea in 2019-20 without scoring a few minutes. As much as I want to work on a silly sentence about Italian modernity. Abraham's success at Roma will be more than a breakthrough.

Abraham's Basic Expected Goals (xG) numbers are always impressive; In general, its actual goal numbers are consistent with or exceeding every season. His shots averaged well over the three-shot p90 throughout his career, but more importantly, his shot quality. From the beginning of his senior career, Abraham has been given high quality opportunities at good scoring positions at different team quality levels. Look at the center of the box or how many come from the 'danger zone'.

Creating great opportunities for him is one of his greatest strengths. It comes from his movement. Good movement and positioning the ball is the bread and butter of every top scorer, and has been a constant feature of Abraham since the beginning. It is also clear how Abraham focused on the movement of the ball. "When I play with a top striker, in a video that discusses his favorite strikers, I look at the little things, for example, their movements, their positioning, their time in the box, their time, getting into the box, and I try to get them into my [game] with ideas."

In addition, His movement is based on a direct transition