Osasuna vs Deportivo Alavés - 6:30 PM

Paris Saint-Germain beat Clermont Foot on the road by just 15 points at the top of Ligue 1 on Saturday night - Rennes came a little closer after the early hours of the game and a little closer to Marseille. on Sunday.

Kylian Mbappe and Neymar scored hat-tricks for PSG, both of whom jumped out of the box in the second half after Clermont threatened to upset them in the second half.

Neymar, who caught fire last week against Lorient, needed just a few minutes to break the favor of the visitors from the capital while Messi was playing.

Officials did not award the corner, but Messi soon denied it with the fingers of Arthur Desma. However, when Argentina took control of Neymar's chest and pushed the ball into the back of the net for Ambati, he turned to the back of the net and hit Desmas, doubling PSG's lead.

Mauricio Pochettino's side seemed to have cruise control, but Gassel was kicked in the foot and Jodel Dossou was allowed back in from Clermont before breaking the deadlock. in the middle, Presnel Kimpembe was not close enough to stop the cross, and Gianluigi Donnarumma could not reach it.

Neymar was well saved by Desmas, who could have scored twice as PSG struggled to respond before part-time VC.

Both Dax Max and Don Ramma demanded action within an hour of the opposite end, with Messi kicking the ball through his head into the net but Mbappe was on the offside. However, PSG finally got their lead back when Neymar misdirected Deschamps, scoring two goals - defender Akim Zedadka slipped out of time due to a push into Mbappe's area.

Neymar became PSG's fourth player to break the deadlock by breaking the deadlock outside his foot. Ambedkar took control of the ball, turned it into a Dash Max side, turned it into a free-kick and turned to celebrate the 30th goal of the season.

His 31st hat-trick came from Messi, who crossed the ball over the crossbar into the far corner. He only got a hat-trick because he chose to clear the ball for Neymar, although only his fourth moments were available after that.