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Drake London, who selected the top 10 possible NFL drafters, did not run the 40-yard dash on Friday morning, the day he officially endorsed. He broke his ankle in late October in London. Has been involved in a handful of NFL scouts with a handful of NFL scouts in the USC and through a number of circumstantial crossings.

"Everyone has six to eight weeks, so it takes about two months to actually train, and it 's determined not to run the 40-yard dash, whether it is a wide jump or a vertical one," London said. "I'm trying to run back."

He described the process as "painful" after the injury in London, but said his recovery was faster than expected. He said he had been running at 6 miles per hour for about a week before the NFL merged in March, and that it was important to have a day when he wanted to show scouts, even though the draft process was now delayed. The same thing happened before the injury.

"My body is better, stronger and faster," London said. "I think I matured in the game and it was like my second year playing football that was really widespread, so I feel better and better every day."

Jordan Palmer and T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a member of the Arizona Cardinals. Washington Commanders; San Francisco 49ers; New York Jets; Los Angeles Chargers Helped London Probation Day with scouts representing the Tennessee Titans and the Detroit Lions. Detroit's senior executive officer John Dorsey was included in the second general election in the draft.

Asked about his speed concerns, London said: "Watch a movie. In the end, the boys do not have to blow to catch the ball. Or

London made just eight appearances at USC last year before being injured last year, including a 1,000-yard touchdown season over 3,000 yards in three years. The former athlete of both sports is looking to the USC to play basketball and football, but for the first time in his life before his junior season, he arrived in full-time football.

"Everyone knows where the ball is going," he said in London when asked about his defensive prowess. "I have triple coverage. I have double coverage. That has not stopped me. So no matter what they say, I can not care."