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Mauricio Pochettino believes staying in Paris Saint-Germain would be the best thing for Kylian Mbappe.

The superstar striker is out of contract at the end of the season and has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, but recent reports suggest he could sign a new deal with his hometown club.

He has scored 28 goals in 38 appearances for PSG this season, including 18 for Messi and 12 for Neymar.

In Sunday's 5-1 win over Lorient, Amber Pei was involved in all five of PSG's goals, scoring two and creating three. For the first time in his club career, he scored as many goals in a single game.

Ahead of Saturday's trip to Clermont, Mbappe put further pressure on Mbappe's future, and Pochettino told a news conference: "When Kylian arrives you can ask him if he can give you a better answer. PSG, like me, want the best for me as a coach.

"I think the best thing for this club is for Mbappe, I think Kylian is good to stay with us here and there are negotiations to reach an agreement."

Pochettino believes Ambedkar has made significant strides in his development since taking over from Thomas Tuchel in January last year.

"When Kylian arrived, his form was not what everyone expected," said Pochettino.

"But because of his hard work and commitment, the trust that we have created here, "Especially in recent years, he has shown how great he is.

"The most important thing here is his commitment and his ability to withstand difficult situations, because it was a difficult time for him when we got here.

Pochettino has confirmed that a number of players will be sidelined for Saturday's game due to injury, and that Marquinhos will be retiring after the team-mate was born recently.

"[Marquinhos] was a little shocked and decided to retire, especially on the week his daughter was born," said Pochettino.

Asked if Mbappe would be able to hold the bracelet when the Brazilian was gone, Pochettino said: "I think it could be for Ambedkar and other players too. Kylian is definitely in the group."