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Richardson's goal and Jordan Pitford's heroism helped Toffees beat Chelsea 1-0 at Goodison Park in Everton's Premier League quest.

Everton were held to a five-point deficit in Saturday's 2-0 win over West Bromwich Albion on Saturday, but despite a poor visit to Chelsea, Frank Lampard's side raised the challenge.

During the first half of the pain, the target showed four more yellow cards than the target, but thanks to Richarlison's opening, the entertainment increased after the interval.

Vitalii Mykolenko squandered a chance to make it 2-0 before Pickford created two stunning saves to keep Everton at the back of the final.

Seamus Coleman and Cesar Azpilicueta clashed in the opening clash after Mason Mount committed a foul on Yerry Mina.

Anthony Gordon, who was on the move, came close at first but cut across the right side and fired wide into the bottom right corner.

That's at least some evidence of Everton's intentions. After the release of Demarai Gray, Richarlison looted the Azpilicueta, crossed the Edouard Mendy, and led them halfway through.

Mykolenko fired a wide range of shots from close range, and Pickford fired wide before reaching the center stage.

first, He denied both Azpilicueta's efforts on the line after hitting both of Mount's shots. He then blocked the Antonio Rudiger strike with his face.

In the end, he was able to control Mateo Kovacic's goal-scoring effort and rest well near the end.

what do you mean? Lampard brings Chelsea to Chelsea

"Everton are dominant and there are no exceptions to the chances, but the spirit they showed on Sunday is sometimes amazing.

There were fireworks demonstrations outside the Everton fans' hotel on Saturday night, and although Chelsea were a tricky match, they were not expected to fight for almost anything.

Lampard became only the second former manager to beat Chelsea in their first Premier League game against Chelsea, and it was a tough meeting that saved Everton's season well - Leeds United were just two points behind in extra time. Games

Pickford is the conclusion of the assembly.

Richarlison; Everton, along with Gordon and Gray, have a number of great performers, but it is impossible to overlook the impressive pickford on their right.

The England goalkeeper stopped three invaluable saves in the second half, including one. Everton would have lost if they had been in a worse net.

Azpilicueta is angry.

Azpilicueta, goalless draw for Everton, had a bad day. From Mount's efforts, Pickford was involved more than once in unnecessary clashes that seemed to strengthen the hosts and their fans, failing to defeat Pickford when he returned to him.

What is the next one?

Everton have struggled to make an impact in the Premier League this season, with Chelsea hosting Wolfsburg at home yesterday.