6 Aug, 2022 (Sat)

Manchester United's Gary Neville is a bit disappointed with the story surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo and his future.

Ronaldo is reportedly looking to leave Old Trafford before the transfer window closes on September 1 as he wants to continue playing in the Champions League.

It has left new United boss Eric Selhod in a difficult position, with questions over the future of his No.7 dominating his press conference ahead of Friday's Premier League opener against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Neville said earlier this week that Ronaldo should be allowed to leave United and has now urged the 37-year-old to go public with his feelings.

"I'm a bit disappointed with him," Neville told Sky Sports. "He asked the manager to enter the press conference...

"Cristiano is at a good age now, he's been the best player in the world for the last 10 years with (Lionel) Messi, he's got all the experience in the world. 

 "Is it too much for him to go out and do an interview?"

“He's not doing any interviews in the next few weeks, is he? Obviously, Shall we ask for him? Will he come out? For him?

“I think that's a start. I'm disappointed, Because that's the explanation we don't have yet, and the reason why Erik ten Hag got a little emotional in his press conference is because he's having a hard time. There are questions because he can't even tell us the truth.

"In fact, we know that in the next two weeks Champions League clubs will want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo," he said. It has emerged over the past few weeks that But at the moment, there is no one. Come for him.

“That's why the club is saying at the moment that they want him to stay, but I think if someone comes in, he'll leave.

"We have to wait and see if Manchester United will leave the attacking midfield until the last two weeks of the transfer window." I don't think they should be in that position. What can happen is clear.

"But in a few weeks, there is a big risk that Ronaldo will throw his toys away from the cart. It could happen like that, and I think it's a little tasteless because of that."