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Sports and recreation: Olympics 

 Go Canada Go! What a Canadian team at the 2014 Olympics!
by Heather J. Sinclair Good morning, Canada!
Nancy Kelsey Smith's article "Inspiration Abounds at the Olympics" states, "Excellence in any form, whether it be in academics, artistic expression, superiority in sports, musical talent, or anything else" is worthy of praise.This good not only benefits the athlete, artist, scholar, or musician, but it also benefits all those who witness it or are affected in some way by it.
Mike J. Godfrey's The First Winter Olympic Games The 22nd Winter Olympics, also known as the XXII Olympic Winter Games, will take place in the Russian city of Sochi in February 2014.However, in the alpine region of Chamonix, France, in the shadow of the majestic Mont Blanc, the first ever Winter Olympics were held 90 years earlier.
Shaun White's Biography, Part I, by Barbara L. Frank Shaun Roger White is the most popular professional snowboarder and skateboarder in the United States. He was born on September 3, 1986.Shaun is also a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist who holds records for both the number of Gold Medals won and the total number of X Games medals won.Additionally, he has been honored with ten ESPY Awards (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award).
Barbara L. Frank's Winter Olympic History - Part I I'm going to share a little bit of my childhood memories of watching the Winter Olympics with my family.I'll also give you some details about my family's winter experience.This will be sprinkled with realities I've gathered from Wikipedia.Growing up, the Summer and Winter Olympics were a big part of my life.We watched every sport, but the Olympics were our favorite.

 Olympic Speed Skater Eddy Alvarez by Barbara L. Frank In his first Winter Olympics, Olympic Speed Skater Eddy Alvarez is competing in short track speed skating.He trains for speed skating for eight hours every day, six days a week.Around a rink, speed skaters travel at forty miles per hour.All speed skaters cycle, run, and lift weights.On two razor-sharp blades, they skate.He is only 23 years old and goes by the name Eddy the Jet.He started out speed skating and roller skating in Miami as a child.When he was seven years old, he began speed skating.In speed skating, he has won both national and world championship medals.He suffered a devastating knee injury two years ago that almost brought him to his knees.
By Lance Winslow, "Boycotting the Winter Olympics in Russia: A Very Bad Idea for the United States" If my mother had qualified for the Olympics that year, she would have been on the US Swim Team.I recollect when I was more youthful - my mom was furious when she heard something on the television.Jimmy Carter had chosen to blacklist the Olympics.Why do you ask?presumably because there were international disputes and we wanted to show the world what we thought and try to stand up for our morality.
By James W. Bancroft, author of Britain's First Olympic Champion, Launceston Elliot was a versatile athlete who competed in at least five events at the first modern Olympic Games, which were held in Athens in 1896. He became Britain's first Olympic champion.He was described as having a magnificent physique and being:the most attractive individual of his generation.'Gilbert Elliot, Launceston's father, was a magistrate who was related to the Earls of Minto. The Earls of Minto were known for their distinguished service in India. On June 9, 1874, Launceston was born in India.
By Niyati Khanna, Sports in India and the Olympic Games Niyati Khanna Sports in India have always come in last when it comes to careers.Despite this, there are a lot of fans who have established themselves in the sports community.

 How to Serve Your Child Well as a Coach:Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. offers five straightforward advice for parents, athletes, and coaches. Do you want your child to do their best?Is the pressure of competition making you choke?How can you support your child in realizing her or his full potential?The five suggestions in this article have the potential to alter your child's performance in a wide range of sports.
Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.'s Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness Tips for Gymnasts, Figure Skaters, and Cheetahs presents particular difficulties for athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes.In order for athletes to achieve success in these sports, this article outlines seven significant obstacles that they must effectively overcome.
Wellness Tech and Preparing question and answer w/Group USA Strength and Molding Mentor Loot Schwartz
by Chris M Roussy
Group USA Strength and Molding Mentor Loot Schwartz gives understanding into how the US Olympic Group trains and the wellness advances they use.Rob concentrates on combat sports like wrestling, fencing, boxing, tae kwon do, judo, gymnastics, and boxing.diving and currently trains a boxing world champion.
Five Things You Never Knew About Lord Sebastian Coe, the Famous Olympic Athlete!
by Mike N. Burton, containing five little-known facts about Lord Sebastian Coe and some more well-known details.a look at his potential future.
Tim McGuire's The Olympians, When the Lights Go Out The Olympics of 2012 are over.When the media turn off the spotlight, what happens to the athletes who have dedicated their lives to winning a gold, silver, or bronze medal?
Snooker at the Paralympics
by Jon Raymond Harrison
I watched the Paralympics in pride and marvel.It was truly inspiring to observe well-trained athletes meeting such high standards despite their disabilities.

The athletes' joy at their accomplishments and the quick, skillful movements that at times bordered on the dangerous were fun to watch.The knowledge that "Great Britain," "Big Business," and "The Unions" were behind the enterprise and prepared to contribute to the athletes' training and the quality of their equipment must have seemed like the culmination of a wonderful dream, given the obvious joy of participating at every level.Snooker needs to be revived and reintroduced to the 2016 Paralympic Games, which will be held in Brazil, and I am very excited about this.In light of this, I am requesting general support for my request and idea.We are all aware that achievements are significant in the lives of able-bodied individuals, but they are even more eulogized when we achieve them after overcoming obstacles.Therefore, I would like to see this sport included in the upcoming games' schedule.
Dawn Denton's Women at the Olympics The male of most animal species was built for competition.In order to supply his family with food, the hunter-gatherer faced off against nature.Additionally, he fought other tribes for hunting grounds.
Brian J. Thomas's The Modern Olympic Games The London Olympics this year demonstrate that the modern Olympic Games have evolved into one of the most significant special sporting events on the international calendar.But what historical information do we have about these games?With over 200 nations participating in the Olympics, the summer and winter games are held every two years. The Summer and Winter Olympics alternate every two years, but each event (the summer or winter Olympics) only takes place every four years.
When merely average performance was insufficient!
by Jennifer M McLeod
We have recently had our Paralympics in the UK, which is a global game occasion, which competitors with physical and different handicaps partook in, this might incorporate versatility inabilities, cuts away, visual deficiency and cerebral paralysis.

An athlete with a damaged spinal cord can perform a technique known as boosting.Measurements demonstrates that a 30% of wheelchair competitors are doing helping before the games.Uplifting Experience by Debra Coin Lefteris Stefanoudakis, a well-known Greek weightlifter who competed at the Munich and Montreal Olympics in the 1970s, would have loved to have been a part of an Athens Games, but he is happy to have left behind the daily challenges of top competition.The rewards of training up to 12 hours per day included a gold medal at the Mediterranean Championships and a number of national records.However, it also came with the constant risk of injury, strict dietary restrictions, and frequent trips to the sauna before events to maintain your weight... David W. Bedwell's Assessment of the 2012 ParalympicsParticipating Australian athletes have achieved incredible personal and team accomplishments as well as the breaking of world records.Since all of the athletes from our and other competing nations are unquestionably heroes and heroines, it would probably be unfair to name individual performers.