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Entertainment and Sports: Greyhound Racing

The Worse They Look, the More They Pay by Eb Netr Do you want to win more money? Stop picking sides. Instead, give these "losers" a shot, but only if they are a good bet.
Norma Holt's The Ban on Greyhound Racing in the ACT This is a big deal in the Australian Capital Territory because the greyhound industry is getting ready to challenge the government's decision to shut it down. The question is whether it is a sport or a business that causes pain and suffering to innocent animals. The restriction of gambling in the territory is the other agenda at work here.
The Big Picture in Greyhound Racing by Brett T. Mason If you want to be ahead of the other players at the greyhound track, you need to see more. You really want to understand the situation from start to finish. Costly is tunnel vision.
Bet on Losers and Win at the Greyhound Track by Brett T. Mason Finding greyhound picks that are not expected to win is the best value when betting at the greyhound track.

 Maiden races can be extremely lucrative.
By Brett T. Mason, You Only Need to Know One Thing to Win at the Greyhound Track Handicapping a greyhound race involves taking a lot of things into account. However, there may only be one thing you need to know to win. What exactly is it? We'll talk about it here.
Brett T. Mason's "10 Secrets to Winning More Greyhound Races" explains that just as every house needs a solid foundation, so too must every successful greyhound player begin with one. The big ten are listed here.
Brett T. Mason's Winning Bets in Greyhound Racing There are numerous wagers you can place at the greyhound track. The win wager is one of the simplest and most lucrative options for novices. This wager will be examined in depth.
The Greyhound Sport: Andy Machin's How to Read a Race Card is a fun activity that involves going to the greyhound racing. Gather a group of friends, enjoy a few drinks, and perhaps grab a bite to eat while you watch those adorable dogs chase the bunny—or rather, what they believe to be a bunny. Choosing a dog to back in the races will be a crucial part of your evening. merely a small net for amusement and possibly a modest return. However, the race card contains a lot of information, which can be confusing to newcomers. Here is a brief summary of what is shown to you on the race card to help you understand it.
Andy Machin's Greyhound Race Types: What the Letters and Numbers Mean is a must-read for anyone attending a greyhound race night. The race card contains a lot of information about each race.

 Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the meanings of the letters and numbers at the top of each race on the card because they indicate the grade of the race, the course over which it must be run, the breed of dogs participating, and more. Here is a brief explanation of the various kinds of greyhound races and how to find them on your race card.
Andy Machin explains the betting options available in UK greyhound racing. Going to the dog track to watch the greyhounds can be a great night out. However, the numerous types of bets available if you fancy a little flutter can be a little confusing to the uninitiated or first-time visitor. You don't have to bet a lot to have some fun shouting "your" dog home, and you can get a good return for a small investment. Let's take a collective look at all those different kinds of bets to help you understand them.
By Lance Winslow, "Greyhounds Love to Run, But to Really Race Form Is Essential" If you want to race greyhounds, they need to be in great shape, strong, and get plenty of exercise. Fortunately, in order for greyhounds to maintain their top speed, they must run. Obviously, running structure is similarly as significant in a greyhound, while possibly not more, all things considered in an Olympic runner. For longer runs and durations, every incremental improvement in efficiency results in a higher speed and more energy. You need to think about this if you want your greyhound to win. Form is really important in races.
Should You Play Route Races With Your Greyhound Handicapping?
by Eb Netr I believe that route races can provide the greatest return on your handicapping investment. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, even though there are fewer of them than there are sprint races.

 The History of Greyhound Racing by Claire M. Jefferies Because of their speed, greyhounds were originally used as hunting dogs. Coursing is where modern greyhound racing got its start. Coursing is the fast-paced, based on sight rather than scent, pursuit of game or other animals by dogs.
The most effective method to Wager On a Greyhound At the Canine Track
by Anthony Ryan
This article is a 5 stage guide which will help you through the method involved with support a greyhound at the track. You can bet with confidence if you follow these steps.
Greyhound Betting Systems - You Will Lose Unless You Know by Jon Mainwaring Although online greyhound betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, how can you consistently make money from this activity? What is the best way to bet on greyhounds, and what do you need to know to get an advantage and win? The whole story can be found in this article: Are you thinking about betting on racing greyhound systems?
by Jyotsna Ramani Normally, as a novice, I would hesitate about trying my luck in greyhound racing. Well, the more I thought about it, I found out that it's not so risky after all. You can choose to place the maximum bet on any race you want to bet on with a good greyhound system, which should help you win in the long run.
Greyhound Hustling - An Extraordinary Outing For the Family
by Claire Jarrett
Greyhound Hustling is a game that includes dashing canines, much like horse racing. The goal is to determine which dog can finish the track the quickest.

 This sport is most popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Australia, Spain, China, and Mexico. However, it has been banned in many countries and states in the United States. In 1876, a greyhound racing track was built for the first time, marking the beginning of the sport. However, the sport did not become popular until 1912, and it did not appear in the United States or the Western Hemisphere until the middle of the 1920s.
By Claire Jarrett, "Professional and Amateur Greyhound Racing" refers to a particular form of racing in which greyhound dogs compete in a race held on a course similar to a horse race course. Greyhounds are trained to chase a prey in this race, typically an artificial hare or rabbit. The dogs compete with each other to catch their prey, and the first dog to cross the finish line is declared the winner.
Greyhound Disabling Trifecta Betting Technique Utilizing Early Speed
by Paul Napolitano
Greyhound Disabling. There is not any more significant component than early speed. You can see that the dog that takes the lead at the 1/8 call (first turn) finishes first or second more than 80% of the time by opening any results chart! This is the foundation for my handicapping and wagering strategies. This discovery made me aware of the age-old question, "Can the races be beat?" YES! My picks have been documented on my website since January 2, 2011. I'm winning by an amazing 70%!
Eb Netr's Greyhound Handicapping: Focus on Winning I have an ADD spouse. It affects both of my children.